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Gable Hall School Uniform Policy

The School badge for the blazer and ties can be purchased directly from the school.

Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform as outlined below:

Black blazer. School badge attached to the blazer (iron/stitch on)

Black tie with silver diagonal stripes (Key Stage 3 - Year 7, 8 and 9) with
school crest.
black tie with school crest (Key Stage 4 - Year 10 and 11).
black tie with school crest plus bar (Prefects in Year 10 and 11).
black tie with blue coloured stripe (sports colour) - Year 9, 10 and 11.

All ties must cover the top button and reach the waistband and have the school crest showing at all times.

Plain white shirt or blouse suitable for use with a tie and that can be tucked in.
Polo type shirts or T-shirts with a pattern on them are regarded as unsuitable.
Sleeves can be long or short. (In the Summer Term).

Plain black 'V' necked pullover if needed
No cardigans, sweat shirts, zipper tops, hooded, round necked or patterned pullovers.

Plain black tailored trousers, not clingy or ‘skinny’ or jean style. They must be
full length with traditional pockets, no pockets on the side of the leg or zips.The trousers must have a hem and not be frayed or have a wide or narrow bottom. Trousers should not be denim, cord, lycra material or hipster style. The bottom of trousers should sit on the shoe and not cling to the leg.

Black and grey knee-length tartan plaid Kilt – Dark Grey Highlander BA676T
only available from our suppliers. School logo attached to waistband. The skirt should sit on or just above, the knee when standing.

Plain black shoes, not open-toe design, trainers, pump, canvas shoes, or hybrid trainers. No stilettos, mules, sling backs, sliders/flip flops. The heel should be no more than 4cm high. There should be no coloured laces or stitching. Trainers are only allowed under special circumstances when accompanied by a doctor’s note they should be plain black. Please note boots are not allowed. A Kickers style shoe/ankle boot is permitted but lacing and stitches should be black.

Plain white or dark socks

Black or natural/skin tone, patterned socks must not be worn over the top of tights

Coats most forms of sensible outdoor coats, plain in colour without writing or motifs and waterproof are acceptable. Casual leisure wear and those with logos are not regarded as suitable for school. Sweatshirts, hoodies or denim jackets of any description do not qualify as coats and are not acceptable. Leather, denim, tracksuit tops, hooded sweatshirts or patterned jackets are not allowed at any time. Scarves should be black in colour and conventional style with no hood included. Hats if worn must be plain. Baseball caps are not allowed. Outdoor clothing must not be worn inside the building.


All information displayed is correct as of 1st November 2018.

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