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Horndon-On-The-Hill Primary School Uniform Policy

KS2 and KS1 if they wish to wear a tie
White shirt with a red and white tie.
Red v-neck jumper (with school logo).
White polo shirts with the school logo can still be worn when the weather is warmer.

Whole School

White polo shirt with the school logo.
Red crew neck jumper (with school logo).
A red cardigan (with school logo).
Black or grey trousers with dark socks and black shoes.
Black or grey skirt with black, grey or white tights or socks.

Girls can still wear the school gingham summer dresses when the weather is warmer.

Fleeces must not be worn inside school.

Plain hair accessories that follow the school colours of red, white and black.

All information displayed is correct as of 1st November 2018.