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Our 'Little Growers' Promise

Our Little Growers Promise - Uniforms By Niki

If your 'little grower' out-grow's their new uniform before the start of the new term - we will exchange it for a bigger size - no questions asked!

We encourage all parents to buy their school uniform in advance so as to avoid the busy rush and the possibility of facing any disappointment. 

The Usual Story

So it's April and you find out which school or nursery your child is going to be attending in September. It's a good few months away, so you decide to forget about it for now and relax and enjoy the summer holidays...

Before you know it, its the last week of August and you need to buy your child's uniform... what do you do? You have a few options;

1) Panic and wish you had paid more attention to our advice
2) Run around at different shops knowing full well the official uniform is only available from a few select suppliers.
3) Order online or over the phone with us and hope that it arrives in time. 

None of those options are ideal or a situation you want to find yourself in. We have noticed that each year, parents decide to buy their children's uniform at the last minute or only a few weeks before they are due to start their new school. Bad idea! There are most probably another hundred or so parents in your area doing the same thing - which causes a massive bottle neck when it comes to preparing orders and delivering them on time.

Take our advice on-board and order your uniform in advance. To protect your investment, we will ensure that if your child has a growth spurt - we will exchange your uniform items for a bigger size - no questions asked.

This policy is only applicable between 1st May - 1st August of each year. 
- This promise cannot be applied to any uniform items bought outside of this time frame.

- Any uniform items purchased must be returned in their original packaging, unused and unwashed. 
- Any uniform items found to have been used or washed will not be accepted.
- Any uniform items returned with the labels removed and without the correct packaging will not be accepted.
- If the required size is not available immediately, we will endeavour to get one for you as quickly as we can.
- Any uniform items with custom personalisation cannot be returned.